Dust extraction at the recycling center

The Neckartal Recycling Center in Stuttgart-Münster is the commonly shared site of three midsize recycling companies, including FISCHER Weilheim GmbH. In the temporary storage and sorting facility, which is about 60 meters in length, hazardous particulate matter is generated during the unloading of mineral waste that requires extraction. The extracted air enters the PT filters via four collection elements along each of the two long sides of the building. 

Background: Room air purifier

Choosing the proper room air purifier: Significant Criteria

In summer, ventilation is not a good choice. And why is it not enough to just ventilate? Is a household air purifier sufficient or should it be a professional device? 

You might also find it difficult to judge the quality of the many systems being offered and to evaluate the technical specifications.

The recent special issue of our "LuftRein" magazine is to provide all the information needed to make the right choice. You will then be able to make the right choice and find air purifiers for your rooms that not only promise safety, but actually provide it.