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Separation process

Wire drawing processes

Extremely fine wires are made of almost all types of metal. The larger part is made of steel and is used in a lot of industries (steel cables, tire wires, nails, fences, welding wires etc.). In many cases, the surfaces are also topically treated (galvanized, plastic-coated, painted etc.). At the further considerations, there is only followed up the drawing process.

When drawing steel, there is mostly used hot or cold rolled, but also alloyed steel as base material. Depending on the type of steel, there are caused foreign substances during the welding process which have to be extracted and separated. These are:

-  Scales dust
-  Swarf and abrasion from grinding material
-  Drawing soap (Calciumstearate and Natriumstearate)

Since these are combustible/explosive dusts (ST1), it is necessary to elaborate a safety concept according to the ATEX guidelines 137 (Operator/Employer/Plant for wire drawing) and 95 (Manufacturer/Placer/Manufacturer of wire drawing machines) to minimize the risk of explosions.

To avoid dangers to health and to adhere to the legal conditions treating those dusts, there are needed well-engineered separating systems.

Based on our decades-long experience, new technologies from our Research and Development Department and the expertise of our employees, we can offer appropriate separation technologies for almost all industries.