CLEACOM - emission extraction during compounding processes

Established 24/7 technology for the Separation of dust and fume during compounding processes

Extensive demands are placed upon all components to ensure maximum productivity during the refinement and packaging of plastics employing plastics granulation.
Besides process technology, a major consideration is the collection of dust and fumes and controlling the air quality inside the workplace.

Three extraction systems combined can fulfill all the extraction requirements
Aerosols and fumes are released during extrusion processes. They are captured with collection hoods, rinsed with water and fed to a wet scrubber. The wet scrubber utilizes water as filtration medium – with the Advantage of a maximum operating safety despite adhesive emissions.
Dusts from the treatment section (mixing, weighing, feeding) are added to a dry separator.
Pollution and surface dust is extracted manually with another vacuum creating dry system.
The result: a clean compounding process! 
Erfassen von Dämpfen am Extruder

Flexible Erfassung beim Zuschlaghandling