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Separation process

Extraction and separation for recycling and disposal operations

Large volumes of particulate pr exhaust emissions are created during recycling processes which must be captured by means of suitable extraction systems. To design an optimal solution that includes financial and environmental considerations, it is vital to possess a thorough knowledge of the process. Comprehensive experience and know-how in various separation processes help to round out this knowledge.
Combustible, explosive or hazardous separation processes require considerable expertise concerning safety technology as well as a substantial range of safety related industrial products.

Our engineers offer systems for a number of diverse technologies:
Composite treatmentTransport and recycling of PET bottlesTrash recycling
Wood waste products recyclingElectrical waste recycling Shredder pre-treatment
Fuel substitute treatment Paper, cardboard and carton recyclingPlastics recycling
Battery recycling Lightweight packaging and sorting Residual waste treatment
Mechanical and biological treatment system (MBA) Refrigerant recyclingFile/paper recycling
Shredder-Entstaubung, Carmi Frankreich

Shredder-Leichtaufbereitung, Sächs. Recyclingwerke, Espenhain