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Expert filtration technology with long-standing experience in large components

Power generation utilizing new technologies - wind power has developed into a significant element of renewable energy generation. Wind power plants are not only getting larger and more efficient, they are also in great demand worldwide.

The fabrication processes of the large components required for wind power industries can be challenging for both the personnel and technology involved. Keller's focus for a number of years has been on the extraction and separation of dusts and coolant waste which are created during the fabrication process of these wind power plants.

The use of innovative filtration technologies and an efficient equipment design ensure optimal collection and separation of foreign substances - for example, for extraction inside large painting booths for zinc spraying processes that are applied as corrosion protection on large tower segments.

With our three product lines, we can offer suitable separation technology for every air pollutant that is created, either during the grinding of rotor blades, the turning and milling of power heads, painting the tower, or during the induction hardening of gears.

Listed below are our references at a glance in the field of wind power:

IndustryComponentsApplicationAir volumes
Wind power BearingsCoolant mist Vertical turning10 systems à 10.000 m³/h
Wind power Power head Turning, milling 20 systems à 1.500 bis 3.000 m³/h
Wind power TowerOverspray for wet painting 3 systems à 55.000 m³/h
Wind power TowerOverspray for zinc spraying 1 system à 55.000 m³/h
Wind power GearsInduction hardening1 system à 15.000 m³/h
Wind power Rotor hubs Cleaning booths8 systems à 24.000 m³/h
Wind power Rotor blades Grinding1 system à 12.000 m³/h