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Filtration systems for solar cell production

Solar cell technology has emerged as a modern, sustainable and environmentally responsible technology that generates green energy. Depending on the different technologies (thin-film/bulk-film), the fabrication of solar cells requires diverse production processes. They necessitate different methods of extraction. Financial considerations as well as environmental protection are becoming increasingly significant issues in the future operation of such solar plants. Keller Lufttechnik has been successful in recent years in the extraction and separation of airborne pollutants. Efficient equipment design and the use of innovative filtration technologies ensure optimal collection and separation of all foreign matter – such as at the central extraction points for insulation material or graphite processing. We are pleased to offer you an appropriate solution for Se-, Cd- or Te-coating processes, for molten crystalline drawing, or washer abatement systems, doping or edge insulation, or for laser drilling and laser re-structuring. Previously installed air filtration systems testify to our expertise in this area of industry.

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