Separation technologies - Suitable solutions for each type of industry

We offer appropriate separation technologies as well as air pollution control systems, filtration systems and de-dusting technologies based on our long-standing expertise, on new process technologies from our Research and Development Department, as well as on the expertise of our employees.

Over the years we have established a wide and sophisticated range of products that can be used in almost all industries. We can, therefore, provide the perfect solution for your air pollution control system, whether it is for dry separation, wet separation or for oil/coolant mist separation.

Many European and national guidelines must be followed when operating industrial systems. Dusts, for example, must be collected thoroughly and discharged safely according to GefStoffV (Ordinance on Hazardous Substances). The filtered air must be returned into the workplace with minimum concentrations of particulate.

High quality and state-of-the-art filters ensure that we achieve outstanding separation results. Selection of the appropriate filters depends on exhaust air operation as required by the TA Luft, or on air recirculation within set occupational exposure limits (AGW).