Product information

Information on our separators, safety components, capturing elements and filter elements.
Dry separator L-CUTDownload
Single separator TR-1Download
Dry separator, vacuum suction systemDownload
Wet scrubber VDNDownload
Emulsion mist separator ENADownload
Coolant and oil mist separator AERODownload
Work boothsDownload
Spark Pre-SeparatorsDownload
Components for energy efficiency
ProTERM - Thermal Energy-Recovery ModuleDownload
Volume flow regulator ProFixDownload
Safety components
Back pressure flaps „ProFlapII“ and „ProFlapPlusII“ for explosion decouplingPrint PDF A4
Display PDF A3
Flame barrier ProBox and volume flow regulator ProFixDownload
Ignition source monitoring ProSens and flameless pressure relief ProVent PlusDownload
Filter elements
Capturing elements
Movable extractor armsDownload
Exhaust hoods/nozzle platesDownload
Dry separator VARIO ecoDownload
JET-SET - separation of heavy volume fine dust particlesDownload
PT-FILTER UNITS - separation of fine dust particlesDownload