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ProFix - component for energy savings

With the ProFix air flow control, it is possible to pre-set, monitor and automatically adjust the air flow requirement for each machine in a centralized mist collection system.

Adjustment of fixed air flows:
With ProFix it is possible to adjust a preset air flow, which is controlled and adjustable at several machines. The ProFix readjusts automatically to the air flow variations within the system, such as during loading and unloading of the workpiece.

Use as flow control:
The active target air flow is indicated as a 0 - 10 V signal. Upon a sudden decrease in target air flow, a time-delayed alarm is triggered at the machine tool control.

Energy savings:
The mist collector is normally designed for the maximum air flow requirements of the machine tool. Depending on the machine process, lesser air flows are sufficient with closed doors during operation. It is possible to set the parameters in the ProFix individually according to the maximum (open) and minimum (closed) air flows gradually via a signal from 0 - 10 V.