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Additive-free separation with certified explosion protection

Dust abatement experts face a challenge if light metal alloys are dry processed or by means of MQL. Mechanical processing can produce flying sparks.   A risk assessment could discover a potentially explosive dust-air mixture with the risk of ignition. It was commonplace in the past to keep a potential explosion under control by means of massive pressure-proof/shock resistant construction or with large volumes of additives.

Depending on the application, we now offer a solution with either of two different methods:  

1. ProSens: Monitoring of ignition sources
2. ProVent: Constructive explosion protection with flameless pressure relief and decoupling inside the ductwork
3. ProVentPlus: Based on ProVent, without necessitating a safety zone and  for the processing of light metal dusts 

1. Ignition source monitoring by ProSens

2. Flameless pressure relief ProVent

3. Flameless pressure relief ProVentPlus - DIN EN 16009-certified

Based on ProVent – without necessitating a safety distance and for the processing of light metal dusts. With new, pressureresistant protective shaft for hazard-free discharge of explosion pressure.

 Single separator TR-1 ProVentPlus