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Fire and explosion protection

Potentially explosive dust-air combinations can occur in many processes inside manufacturing plants. Process-related ignition sources cannot be excluded, and therefore these facilities are often equipped with constructive explosion protection measures, such as explosion pressure relief or explosion suppression.
Measures for a controlled extraction have to be taken into consideration during the extraction of cooling lubricants.

Our industrial engineers have in-depth experience in this area. A variety of components and measures are used, depending on the application. 

ProBox - keeps the flames out of the machine in case of fire
ProFlap - back pressure flap for explosion decoupling 
ProSens - avoids potential explosions by monitoring ignition sources 
ProVent - constructive explosion protection for continuous operation
ProVentPlus- based on ProVent, without necessitating a safety zone and  for the processing of light metal dusts  

Please find information about our TR-1 single separator for explosive dusts from MQL or dry processes here.

Dry separator TR-1 series with various protective devices