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Experience and technological diversity in air pollution control systems

The technological diversity of our separation systems makes us a leader in vacuum and dust extraction systems worldwide. The use of a variety of filtration technologies and our comprehensive separator program enable the diversified use of our products in numerous applications. Few companies are capable of this accomplishment.

Quality and reliability
All our extraction systems and their filter elements are designed for efficiency, durability and ease of maintenance. Technological innovation and patents ensure the highest of standards.

Unit series and product families
By combining tiered categories of our product families, we can fulfill your requirements and design an appropriate system. Whether you need bag filters, pocket filters, KLR-Filter® for finest dust, cartridge filters, or our ENA/AERO series to separate coolant or lubricant mists, solutions for MQL, or  wet separation with Venturi nozzles for humid, explosive or combustible dusts - our experts are pleased to support you with appropriate solutions and advice.
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