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Tradition and innovation

From a construction plumber to a global leader in air filtration technology
Almost 110 years ago, Keller Lufttechnik started in the plumbing business. The company was founded by Albert Keller in Stuttgart-Uhlbach in 1903. Following the complete destruction of the factory in World War II, his son Otto Keller opened a factory for air pollution control and thermal process technology in Kirchheim unter Teck, in the foothills of the Swabian Jura. In 1952, Heinz-Dieter Keller assumed the reins of the company and established Keller Lufttechnik’s current range of products. In 1992, the next generation took over. The tradition of the family-owned company is now carried on by Horst and Frank Keller.
Today, Keller Lufttechnik is a global leader in air filtration technology.

Milestones of a over 100-year-old success story

Albert Keller (1876 – 1966) established a tinsmith workshop near Stuttgart. This was the cornerstone for the present Keller Lufttechnik. Shortly after World War I, the first extraction systems were produced.
Keller & Schröter move into a new plant in Stuttgart-Obertürkheim. Extraction systems for chippings, dust, mist as well as wood drying plants, ventilation systems and air-heating systems are produced.
Otto Keller (1901 - 1992) takes over management by his father Albert Keller and extends the product range in the area of ventilation and heating technology systems.
Otto Keller and Ernst Schröter acquire a lumber mill in Rudersberg and establish a branch plant.
Consequences of the war: The plant in Stuttgart-Obertürkheim was completely destroyed on March 2nd and 3rd, 1944 including the grandfatherly home in Uhlbach.
The plant is then relocated to Kirchheim/Teck-Ötlingen and Rudersberg.
Otto Keller separates from Schröter and founds the "Factory for industrial air and heating systems Otto Keller" in Kirchheim, Jesingen, the present company location.
The third generation takes over management with Heinz-Dieter Keller (1927 - 2007). Keller Lufttechnik now specializes in industrial air pollution control and distributes its systems worldwide.
Founding the subsidiary Keller Lufttechnik AG in Switzerland.
Management is passed to its fourth generation, with brothers Frank and Horst Keller.
Founding the subsidiary Keller USA, Inc
Anniversary: "100 years of Lufttechnik"
Founding the Chinese subsidiary Keller Environmental Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
With the "Green Balance" label, Keller Lufttechnik commits to reliable, far-sighted treatment of all natural resources.