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Keller Lufttechnik participates in the industry commitment to save the environment and natural resources.

As the developer and manufacturer of high quality air pollution control systems for industry and commerce, issues with respect to environmental engineering have always been part of the solutions which the company has been offering to its customers for many decades.

Basically, the focus is on optimal particle filtration to create clean working conditions and processes. However, the challenges regarding the careful handling of Nature’s resources are gaining more and more attention.

The earth’s bio capacity is limited – namely, its ecological footprint.

This footprint measures the consumption of Nature’s resources. Various interactions and environmental data are summarized in a manageable value (ecological footprint) to ensure the monitoring of the earth’s bio capacity.

The central effort should be in sustaining individual human beings, a single nation and finally, mankind, with regard to space and CO2 levels requirements which are necessary for survival. The national differences on this issue are enormous. As an example, the average living standard in Germany requires the renewal capacity of 2.4 Earths. This energy consumption cannot be offset by “poorer” countries. The earth’s bio capacity was already exceeded in the mid-80’ies (WWF 2008:4). This factor now lies at approx. 30 %.

Industry has been provided with guidelines for saving the environment.

The effects of unrestrained energy and raw material consumption as well as Nature’s reaction to the resulting changes are increasing. Examples and evidence are widely available. Additionally, the intensive consumption of energy and raw materials worsened with the increased prosperity of newly industrialized regions worldwide.

The issues raised by this topic are no longer a matter of personal responsibility, (refer to the policy) but also the responsibility of the economy overall.

Companies and entrepreneurs are increasingly taking on the challenge to contribute towards an environmentally-friendly and humanitarian future.

Keller Lufttechnik of course is positioned within the global industrial structure. Energy is created from other sources and separation systems will most probably require power from the available energy supply as well in the upcoming decades. However, it is our obligation to reduce this energy consumption requirement.

In the near future, economics and ecology can no longer remain separate – this is the only solution for safeguarding the future. Keller Lufttechnik’s board of management is also committed to this initiative.