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Green Balance in practice

Green Balance – Name and motto for a new strategy

How can the process of change be initiated and directed towards “green” technology? A declaration of intent is insufficient – because in the end, every individual in a company is involved in its realization, either with the design and control of a drive with respect to energy efficiency or with designs targeting the lowest possible consumption of material.

The acquisition of materials or consumables, their production conditions and transport routes are becoming increasingly important.  End customers in the manufacturing chain selling their products to customers have to ensure that their products are evaluated in a positive manner according to the criteria of the ecologic footprint for competitive reasons.

Companies in the present day are already considering the advancement of corresponding research methods and setting new criteria.

The automotive industry, for example, must deal with the question of a deployment of resources to maintain the air quality in a painting facility. As a leading manufacturer, Keller Lufttechnik is prepared for such requirements. Green Balance is the effective tool.

Green Balance establishes goals for achieving a balance between the needs of industry and the best means of achieving these environmental efficiency goals.
Energy efficiency, production quality, separation efficiency, sustainability, standards and guidelines are the essential criteria which must be considered or be continuously improved.

Guidelines for balancing the economy and ecology apply to Keller products as well as to the company as a whole.

Since Keller has already instituted appropriate products and measures, the new label can be appropriately applied such as on systems for the new RECLAIM dry separation during wet painting processes.

With GREEN BALANCE Keller Lufttechnik GmbH + Co. KG is committed to reliable, far-sighted treatment of all resources – bringing into line technological progress, operational issues and social targets in order to protect the environment.