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Separation technologies - suitable solutions for each type of industry

Air pollutants are created during most manufacturing processes encompassing mechanical materials processing such as grinding or milling, thermal processes such as melting or separation, or during painting and finishing processes. To meet various requirements, processes such as dry separation, wet separation as well as oil and coolant mist separation must be included in any filter manufacturer’s portfolio.

Custumized solutions
Our separation systems are manufactured individually and customized to the needs of our customers. The technological diversity of our systems and a comprehensive, flexible product program ensure appropriate solutions for each process and ideal separation results. The advantages of optimal separation processes are combined ensuring maximum workplace safety, clean air, operating safety and environmental protection.

Technology and ecology
Our technologically outstanding solutions of quality and reliable delivery work to your advantage and are the foundation on which we engineer your system, with our competent team working to your benefit.
To meet your requirements to the best of our ability we maintain a very customer-oriented organizational model. Qualified staff is at your disposal and prepared to offer personalized solutions for any separation problems in your operation that anticipate and exceed the standards of tomorrow.
Safeguarding the environment
We are of the opinion that a company’s future can only be safeguarded if the company itself participates in the effective safeguarding of essentially needed resources by inteligent solutions. With GREEN BALANCE we committed to reliable, far-sighted treatment of all resources – bringing into line technological progress, operational issues and social targets in order to protect the environment.

Research and Development
In close collaboration with manufacturers, we can install pilot plants on site and are able to solve changing requirements in diverse industries.The reduction of investment and operating costs of our components is another focus in our product development efforts. This is why we are able to offer more cost-effective products. These cost-saving efforts frequently result in the design of a new product. To maintain and expand advanced technology, we also develop our products in cooperation with other partners.