Keller Logo

Vision and values: A family-owned company with a focus on its people - locally rooted with a global presence

Keller Lufttechnik, a fourth generation family business,  has been successfully balancing tradition and innovation for over 110 years. As an owner managed company, Keller is committed to maintaining consistency, as well as social and local responsibility. Keller Lufttechnik stands for innovative technology, highest quality, and German engineering with global presence based on its long-standing experience and worldwide locations.

Daily business life at Keller is characterized by equitable cooperation. The corporate model is to make everyone involved a winner - the company, its employees and its business partners. That means the following values are implemented both internally and externally: establishing mutual trust, building loyalty, encouraging fairness, honesty, a sense of humor, kindness, reliability, passion and goal orientation.

Appealing employer: Happy employees are one source of corporate success.

A current survey shows employees feel secure in the company, appreciate the cordial and family-oriented work atmosphere and collegial teamwork.

Employee-friendly flexible work hours

The company places great importance on structuring workdays. The departments or teams collaborate to determine availability of labor for busy periods and set work schedules accordingly. For example, the production area operates in one, two or three shifts. Supervisors establish shift plans in cooperation with their employees.

Efficient framework

"Continuous improvement" - adopting this slogan, Keller has steadily reviewed its internal processes since 2007, defining optimised processes and translating them into its daily operation.

Assuming social responsibility

In addition to ensuring good air quality and the related environmental protection, the company's mission also includes a social commitment with its support of local and national benevolent organizations and associations.

Besides the health and well-being of its own employees Keller's values extend beyond the workplace. Numerous associations and organizations benefit from the financial support provided by Keller Lufttechnik, enabling them to accomplish various projects.

Keller Lufttechnik partners with the local fire brigade and regularly provides its company site for training purposes.