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Clean air when processing aluminum, zinc or magnesium

During series production of thin-walled components made of non-ferrous metal, molten casting metal is compressed under high pressure and at high speed into a metallic mold. In order to achieve an easy separation of casting and mold, and also to ensure surface quality, the molds are sprayed with a release agent. The molds are additionally lubricated at critical points. Because of the heat generated during the filling of molten metals, these release agents evaporate,  burn and partially rise as smoke fumes with thermal air currents.

Capturing, extracting and separating the dust/fumes is mandatory. The amount of air to be extracted depends on the size of the machine and its design (cold chamber or hot chamber).


Extraction solutions for exhaust air and recirculating air operation

The eLine electrostatic aerosol separator is the right choice in instances where purified air is recirculated back into the workplace. eLine efficiently separates adhesive aerosols from process exhaust air to enable clean air recirculation.

Where water-soluble spraying agents and lubricants are used,  the ENA coolant mist separator reliably cleans the process exhaust air.

Both systems are equipped with rinsing units and can be adapted for either decentralized or centralized systems because of their modular design.

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Extraction and separation for die-casting processes

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Some of our installed plants

These customers rely on our extraction systems during die casting.

Haas Metallguß GmbH, Mühlhausen - Germany

Voith Paper, Ibarra - Polen

... and many more!