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The Challenge: Dirty 30-meter smokestack at asphalt mixing plant

Keller Lufttechnik, air pollution control expert in Kirchheim/Teck near Stuttgart, is not limited to the design and sale of extraction systems. They are also on site when it comes to cleaning industrial components such as ductwork or chimneys, by maintaining them in proper operating condition for the long run. They can reliably perform even particularly challenging cleaning tasks such as those at Waggershauser.

Success story in overview

Road construction

Asphalt production from bitumen and aggregates

Cleaning a 30-meter smokestack at the asphalt mixing plant

Using a mobile crane, the experts raised and lowered a rotary scrubbing nozzle into the chimney. Under water pressure at 1,000 bar, the cleaning device successfully removed the internal build-up from the walls.