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Lowa Sportschuhe GmbH is a German manufacturer of hiking and mountaineering boots distributed under the Lowa brand. Established in 1923, the company is based in Jetzendorf in Upper Bavaria.

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Leistner Thermisch Spritzen GmbH: Thanks to sophisticated technology, the company is now saving around 50 percent of its energy costs at its new location in Sulzemoos near Munich.

Congratulations go to our customer, DKF Kloz from Fellbach, which has proven that mid-sized companies can contribute towards environmental protection. For their efforts, Managing Director Cengiz Öztok was awarded a certificate by Thekla Walker, Minister for the Environment in Baden-Württemberg, at the KEFFIZIENZGIPFEL event. We at Keller Lufttechnik are proud to have contributed to their success by planning and installing an energy-efficient extraction system that enables clean air to be recirculated into the plant.

DKF Kloz GmbH: Employing approximately 40 people, DKF Kloz manufactures and coats wire products. As a finalist for the Gipfelstürmer Award, the company is a recent recipient of a special commendation by the state government of Baden-Württemberg, having emerged as an environmentally responsible industry model.

The wet scrubber with its sedimentation basin below is located outside the plant.

Domo Engineering Plastics Italy SpA: DOMO is a manufacturer of recycled plastic granulate at Arco in northern Italy. Unfortunately, outdated extraction and filtration systems did not match the company's green image. This has been addressed since DOMO opted to install CLEACOM from Keller Lufttechnik.

The highly experienced technicians of the North German Keller agency - W. Suhr GmbH from Soltau - were responsible for the installation of the plant.

Vitakraft pet care GmbH & Co. KG: The pet food producer replaced an existing (third-party) filtration system at the Bremen plant in order to ensure continued compliance with explosion prevention directives and to avoid (further) explosions.

 There are two operating modes for the extraction. The operator of the front end loader can activate "full extraction mode" and "full extraction" of individual areas by using remote control.

Neckartal Recycling Center in Stuttgart-Münster: The center is the commonly used site by three midsize recycling companies, among them FISCHER Weilheim GmbH. In the temporary storage and sorting facility hazardous particulate is generated during the unloading of mineral waste and must be extracted.

Using a mobile crane, the experts lifted and lowered a rotating scrubbing nozzle into the chimney. Using a water pressure of 1,000 bar, the cleaning device successfully removed the interior build-up from the walls.

Waggershauser GmbH + Co. KG: Keller Lufttechnik is not limited to the design and installation of extraction systems. They are also on site when it comes to cleaning industrial components, such as ductwork or chimneys, thereby maintaining them in operating condition for the long term.

Dr. Michael Haas and Jürgen Haas are constantly looking for potential improvements in their company. They place special focus on energy savings and resource efficiency.

Haas Metallguss Gmbh: The company is not only economically successful, but is also setting a positive example by reducing energy and resource consumption in production. The new eLine electrical separator from Keller Lufttechnik helps Jürgen and Dr. Michael Haas to achieve their goal.

The new dry extraction system is installed outdoors, so it does not require any production area.

KS Gleitlager GmbH: Since January of 2017, the company has been operating a new dry extraction system for the cleaning and inspection lines of its steel/aluminum production. The goal was to replace their old wet scrubbers with an efficient, operator-and maintenance-friendly new system.

Both employees and visitors benefit from clean air inside the heavy and light manufacturing plant. Oil mist extraction systems continuously remove aerosols from the modern, completely enclosed grinding machines.

Emil Arnold GmbH & Co. KG: "Healthy and motivated employees are the foundation of our success," says Thomas Zeiträg. First-class extraction technology to ensure clean air inside the manufacturing plant is the primary goal for the company.

“Visitors may be pleasantly surprised if they view the production at Aurora where Keller Lufttechnik extraction systems ensure clean air”, says Alexander Schweinle.

Aurora Kunststoffe GmbH: Manufacturer of plastic composites, transforms a dusty process into a clean one: Production manager Alexander Schweinle selected CLEACOM from Keller Lufttechnik - a customized solution for clean air in plastics production.

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Sandvik Tooling Supply: Persistent, hazardous smoke fumes in the air we breathe - it’s no longer a problem at the hardening factory of Sandvik. Oil mist separators from Keller Lufttechnik ensure clean air for the manufacturing plant, also due to the invest in regular maintenance and professional cleaning.

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Schorr GmbH: The company produces large plastics/metal components for the automotive and aviation industry with a new portal milling machine. Occasionally the machine releases dusts and chips, as well as oil mist. Keller's extraction system with its practical combi-filter cartridges is up to the task.

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Schweizer Group: Martin Landwehr is head of maintenance at the aluminum and die-casting specialist. The company has been using the Predictive Monitoring Service by Keller Lufttechnik for more than a year. In an interview with LUFTREIN editors, Martin Landwehr related his experiences.