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Highly efficient and reliable extraction of moderately explosive grinding dust from plastic, leather, and metal

Lowa Sportschuhe GmbH is a German manufacturer of hiking and mountaineering boots distributed under the Lowa brand. Established in 1923, the company is based in Jetzendorf in Upper Bavaria.

Wet scrubber replaced by a dry separator
The previous Keller wet scrubber has proven to be reliable during 20 years of successful use, effectively separating the grinding dust mixture of plastic, leather and metal abrasives created during the reworking of shoe soles. To further increase energy efficiency and safety, the wet scrubber has now been successfully replaced by a state-of-the-art solution. 

Explosion and fire risk are now diminished
When planning the new system, consideration was given to both energy savings and compliance with applicable ATEX regulations. A dry separator with return air operation proved to be the optimum solution, by dosing the filters with limestone powder, and eliminating any explosion risk originating from the process dust. As an added safety measure, a spark pre-separator was installed upstream of the filter unit to eliminate any potential sparks.

Re-directing exhaust air discharge as a cost savings
The exhaust air energy from the dry separator is used to reduce power usage by returning the cleaned exhaust air back into the workplace, with the goal of safeguarding the environment and lowering plant energy costs. 

Keller Lufttechnik was awarded this contract based on multiple years of trust-based cooperation and Lowa‘s high degree of satisfaction with our extraction systems.


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Hiking and mountaineering boots


Separation technology
Dry separator with return air operation, limestone powder dosing and spark pre-separator