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Extraction and dedusting technology for any requirement or application

Airborne pollutants inside the production plant? Smoke, dust, gas and oil mist permeating ambient air? Chips, dust and particles coating machinery? This needn't be the status quo. Companies choosing our stationary extraction units enjoy the benefits of clean air inside the workplace, thereby investing in the workplace health of their employees, prolonging the service life of their premises, machinery and equipment, and ensuring the end quality of their products - an overall beneficial return on investment.

Our custom-engineered extraction technology offers flexible solutions to meet any individual needs and challenges. 

Keller extraction systems and dust collectors combine energy efficient filtration of airborne pollutants, chips, gases, particles and dust with an effective extraction process to achieve optimal results.

As pros in filtration and extraction systems, we meet all global industry regulations and standards for clean air.   


Additional information for our extraction solutions:

We also offer coolant and oil mist collectors, wet scrubbers, welding fume filters, industrial vacuums, filtration/extraction systems, dedusters, suction units, extraction arms, extraction tables and room air purifiers.

All our filtration systems, oil mist and dust collectors efficiently separate combustible gases, dust, particulate and smoke from the air with extraction arms, extraction tables or extraction hoods using ATEX approved components. 

Whether dust, oil mist, chips, smoke, gas, fine dust, particles, fumes or aerosols - our extraction units provide optimum and sustainable extraction solutions with highest quality level filters that ensure suitable filtration for maximum overall results.

Uncertain about the type of dust you are dealing with and which extraction system best suits your application?

> Find out more about performing a dust analysis - just one of our many services.

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