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Clean air during casting fettling protects personnel

After blasting, the cast parts are released from the riser and feeder. The very fine metal oxides emitted by angle grinding, sawing or cutting must be thoroughly extracted. For larger castings flame cutters are used. This requires a large air supply, and the filter units are designed conservatively for extracting very fine dusts. Potential explosion protection measures must be employed if dry separators are utilized for non-ferrous metals.



Flexible extraction solutions for all materials

Dust extraction of ferrous metals is achieved with the benefit of a VARIO dry separator with KLR-filters. This solution provides a high separation efficiency and is very energy-efficient because of the opportunity for clean air recirculation.

For non-ferrous metals, wet separators are used with lower air flows, which result in lower initial investment costs. Dry separators possess an advantage with lower overall operating costs, but in this case it is necessary to adopt explosion protection measures.

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