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Extraction of metal oxides - protecting personnel

Smelting processes emit metal oxides and other oxygen compounds from aggregates and refining agents. Cleaning molten aluminum produces casting fumes, and during the seeding of gray cast alloy into ductile cast iron, magnesium oxides are created which produce heavy smoke.

The capture, extraction and separation of these emissions is mandatory.


Dust extraction with flexible air flow

Dry separators of the VARIO, PT-Filter or Jet-Set series are most suitable for very fine particulate. Because of the modular design,  the system is flexible with regard to the required air flow - even larger air flows are feasible.

During smelting, the required air flows can vary according to the step in the process. Dust extraction can be variably adjusted, thereby saving on energy costs.

Fire protection measures must be considered for the process exhaust air during smelting processes.

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