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Optimal collection and reliable separation of dust and fumes

Welding and soldering discharges dust and fumes which even the most advanced production technologies cannot prevent. Collection, extraction and separation is generally required for manufacturing, product-specific, labor and environmental protection reasons.

The handling of welding fumes is frequently made more problematic by the fact that they may represent a health hazard, be toxic or even carcinogenic. When welding stainless steel (CrNi-steel) in particular, individual laws must be observed regarding clean air recirculation.

Gaseous matter might be adhesive or odorous during soldering processes.


Capturing welding or soldering fumes directly at their point of origin

A key factor for system engineering in welding fume zones is the design for collecting fumes. The welding fumes to be extracted can either be collected by exhaust fume hoods or by the use of suction arms, as well as through plant or central extraction.
The dry filters of the VARIO and L-CUT series are suitable for the extraction of welding and soldering fumes.  When the substances to be  separated indicate adhesive characteristics, suitable filters must be selected and, if necessary, a preliminary dust dosing.
During the welding of CrNi dusts and with clean air recirculation, additional secondary filter stages should be installed due to their carcinogenic characteristics.
Activated carbon filters are installed, or clean air recirculation into the workroom is prevented and vented outdoors if unpleasant odors are created during soldernig processes.
Explosion and fire protection are customized according to specific needs.

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Welding fumes are optimally captured and reliably filtered

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These customers rely on our extraction systems during welding and soldering.

Wagon Automotive Nagold GmbH, Nagold - Germany (Body parts)

Tenneco GmbH, Edenkoben - Germany (Chimneys)

Bell Equipment Deutschland GmbH, Hörselberg / Hainich - Germany (Mulden)

... and many more!