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Dedusting systems for grinding work booths and work stations

Grinding of metals and non-ferrous metals produces fine dust particles which even while using the most advanced production technologies are impossible to prevent. Collecting and removing these fine dusts using suction is often required for technological, product-specific, environmental and regulatory reasons.

Handling these fine dust particles can pose a health hazard, stainless steel dust (e. g. processing of chrome and nickel) can be carcinogenic.

The potential risk of fire and explosion presents additional requirements for a suitable explosion and fire protection plan. Special precautions must be taken with light metals such as aluminum and magnesium, which possess a high Kst-value and are mostly classified as dust category St 1 - St3.


Customized dust extraction technologies with explosion protection and feasible clean air recirculation

Depending on the type of dust, and the method of fire and explosion protection, extraction can be by either a dry or wet separation system.

Which type of extraction should be used depends on whether the purified air will be recirculated back into the plant or vented outdoors. Wet separators involve lower initial investment costs, whereas dry separators provide advantageous lower operating costs.

Fire and explosion protection methods are required if the dust is combustible or explosive.

Additional secondary filters must be installed when processing stainless steel because of the carcinogenic qualities of the dust.


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Strategies for dust extraction from blasting and brushing processes

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These customers rely on our extraction systems during grinding of metals and non-ferrous metals.

Allgaier Automotive GmbH, Mühlhausen - Germany

FEINGUSS BLANK GmbH, Riedlingen - Germany

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Specialty Steel GmbH & Co. KG, Witten - Germany

Johne Karosseriebau-Blechbearbeitung, Leingarten - Germany

Stryker Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG, Freiburg - Germany

... and many more!