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Dry separator VARIO eco - For the highly effective, energy efficient dry separation of fine, free-flowing dust >>

Dry separator JET-SET - Separation of heavy volume finde dust particles >>

PT-Filter units - Separation of fine dust particles >>

Dry separator L-CUT - Effective and hazard-free filtration and separation of combustible dusts from thermal processes >>

TR-1 Single separator - Explosive dusts from dry processes or MQL extracted directly at the machine and separated safely >>

Central vacuuming units - It is necessary to provide a clean manufacturing environment, e.g., clean machinery, workrooms and work areas to achieve optimal production results >>

HydronPlus a compact wet separator - Ideal solution for the separation and cleaning of process exhaust air generated during brushing, blasting, grinding processes >>

Wet scrubber VDN - For combustible, explosive, humid and adhesive dusts >>

ENA coolant mist separator - Coolant aerosols reliably extracted and filtered >>

AERO oil mist separator - Emissions from metal processing are reliably separated and filtered >>

eLine Electrostatic Separator - Efficient separation of adhesive, highly viscous aerosols from process exhaust air >>

AmbiTower - Indirect collection and removal of fine dry dust and welding fumes to protect the workplace environment and adhere to limit values >>

AmbiCube - the high performance room air purifier from the air pollution control experts >>
AmbiWall is the portable and flexible standalone add-on solution to an existing filtration system >>

Workd booths - Grinding, shot blasting, welding or similar processes create dust during manual and mechanical treatment >>

Pre-Separators - Keller pre-separators are used for capturing and discharging coarse and combustible particles, thereby protecting the dust collectors and extending their service life >>

FlexiCube - multi-purpose unit for independent workshops with minimal volumes of dust and fumes >>

Components fpr energy efficiency

ProTERM - Take advantage of heat energy from process exhaust air and save on heating costs >>

Volume flow regulator ProFix - Components for cutting processes / energy savings >>


Saftey components

Back pressure ProFlapIII - Explosion decoupling inside connected ductwork to protect separators >>

Flow regulator ProFix - Components for cutting processes / energy savings >>

ProSens and ProVent - ProVent Plus ensures that single separators with flameless pressure relief can be installed without a designated protective zone >>

Filter elements

KLR-Filter - High-performance filter elements for separating a variety of process emissions >>

Filter elements in overview - Suitable filter technology for any application >>

Capturing elements

Movable extractor arms - Movable extraction arms are an excellent accessory for extraction systems, bringing the suction power directly to the source of dust and fumes. >>

Exhaust hoods / nozzle plates - Nozzle plates are constructed by solid welding and completely folded sheet steel >>


Gas cutting benches BT - Gas cutting benches, model BT, are designed for thermal processing, such as autogenous gas cutting, plasma gas cutting as well as laser cutting of sheet metals >>

GRP/CFC - Air pollution control to protect personnel and equipment for possible clean air recirculation, along with explosion protection >>

CLEACOM - Established 24/7 technology for the separation of dust and fume during compounding processes >>

Drawing Process - Extraction and separation at the wire drawing process >>

Die-Casting Processes - Extraction and separation for die-casting processes >>

Dust collection - Dust collection fpr the spring and grinding industry >>

Graphite dusts - Extraction and separation of graphite dusts >>

Large capacity shredder - Dust exhausting equipment and air separating for large capacity shredder >>

Ceramics industry - Enivronmentally responsible dust extraction and separation of very fine particulate in ceramics manufacturing >>

Laser processing oft metal - Laser technology is increasingly used for the processing of metal substances >>

Laser processing of organic substances - The disadvantage of laser cutting organic substances has been the creation of aerosols that can only be captured and separated by the installation of costly mechanical systems >>

RECLAIM - Effective, fully automated filtration technology for wet painting processes >>

RECLAIM of adhesive particles - Highly efficient filtration technology for the separation of adhesive particles >>

RECLAIM References A4 - Well, engineered filtration technology through long standing experience >>

Pneumatic Removal and Filtering for Grinding, Polishing, Deburring and Brushing Processes - Reliable collection, extraction and separation of very fine dust emerging in the surface treatment >>

Welding - Welding fumes are optimally captured and reliably filtered >>

Blasting processes - Extraction and separation for blasting processes >>

Thermal spraying process - Extraction and separation for the thermal spraying process >>

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07.10.2020: AmbiCube and AmbiWall reduce the risk of infection inside offices, conference rooms, cafeterias...
Air pollution control expert Keller Lufttechnik expands its product range for room air purifying.

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01.05.2019: Compounding production requires specialized knowledge

Plastics recycler Aurora sets a new standard

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14.10.2015: Efficient solution for the milling of carbon aircraft flaps at GKN Aerospace

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05.05.2015: eLine electrostatic separator: Highest 24/7 efficiency in foundries

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13.03.2015: "Energy efficiency is the sum total of many individual efforts"

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20.01.2015: Metal Processing: Certified explosion protection for air pollution control
systems (ProPipePlus)

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